About Me

“Travel not to escape life,

But for life not to escape you.”

Hi guys…Welcome to my blog.
As a traveller I love to share my experiences, in the hope of motivating someone else(who happens to read my blog), to travel to these places as well. From Jan’15 to Nov’15,I was residing in this beautiful part of the world called Ecuador and that was when I thought; why not make the best use of my free time, by travelling in and around Latin America. This is when I made a website, started penning down my travel itinerary and my adventures for others to read. In fact when I am old and shriveled, I plan to re-live my experiences by reading my travel diaries.
Currently, am back in India but plan to continue the travel and the blogging and the sharing.

It would be my pleasure to help you explore new places, find best ways to travel and last but not the least to highlight the Do’s and Don’ts while you are seeking out the memories which will last you a lifetime.

So, read on and I look forward to your comments.

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