A much-awaited trip was just around the corner. This was going to be a rather different kind of travel for me this time, as I was travelling with 2 of my closest girlfriends(who also happen to be related to me). Bali was going to be a 3-day bachelorette trip and which is why the excitement was at a different level all together.

I had already as usual read enough about the city to be able to conclude on what we had to look forward to in this trip to- Beach, food and parties. My favourite recipe to a successful bachelorette trip.

The only reason why we had tried to keep our excitement contained till the time we were actually in the flight was because we didn’t want to jinx the trip. Moreover for the last month, Bali was in the news like EVERYWHERE and EVERYTIME. The reason for the same- Mount Agung.

Mount Agung is a volcano in Bali, Indonesia which had become active in the last few days and was spewing lava all across the nearby villages. Thus, because of the impending threat of an outburst of the volcano, tourists were scared to travel and those who weren’t scared and were still going ahead with their holiday plans; had been spending plenty of hours stuck in the Bali airport as all the flights were either getting delayed or cancelled.

We had been gorging on the news at least 4-5 times daily hoping for things to settle down before our travel dates, and thankfully by the time it was our D-day, life had pretty much resumed back to its normal stage in Bali.

When the flight finally took off from the Delhi airport, we three literally whooped up with joy. This was actually happening. We were going to be in the beautiful beach paradise of Bali. YESS……

In total it was going to be a 7 hour journey with a one hour halt in Kuala Lumpur. The journey was very comfortable, and we gossiped and ate non stop.

Soon we found ourselves de-boarding our flights and heading into the Bali airport. It was 8 in the morning and the day was nice and bright and sunny. It was definitely a sign, as if Bali skies were welcoming us and saying in their own language- Welcome. You finally made it ?

Thankfully the immigration was quick and as we stepped out, we started looking out for a placard with our names on it. I had wanted this to be a completely easy going, comfortable, hassle free trips, unlike the ones I usually undertake when travelling solo. And so, we had pre-booked a cab through the villa we had booked for the next 3 days.

After a little bit of pushing and pulling and excuse-me’s we finally found our man standing right in the centre of what seemed to be like a driver exclusive crowd. After finding him, twice we managed to lose him again because 1) The waiting area was extremely crowded and 2) The local men looked very similar and it was difficult for us to keep track of who were we supposed to follow.

After enduring another 5 minutes of Jumanji’s stampede, we finally parked our backsides in the car which had come to take us to our Villa Caro in Seminyak. Couldn’t wait to see the beauty which I had researched well online and had booked. Please please don’t disappoint us dear Villa Caro.

After around 45 minutes of driving through narrow, crowded lanes and then through greenery and then finally again through narrow, crowded lanes; we found ourselves getting off at our spot.

Our Villa was in one of Bali’s most happening spots i.e. Seminyak and yet our Villa was in a quiet corner and so we had best of both worlds (Quiet and happening…duhh…)

With our huge suitcase stuffed with more clothes that it could handle, we got out of the cab and met our housekeeper who was waiting to welcome us.

As soon as we stepped into the villa, I knew my research as usual had paid off. The villa was just as it looked in the pictures online. It seemed to be a very new property as well and we were just so happy to have finally made it to this paradise.

Since it was almost lunch time and our stomachs were growling, we decided to leave our luggage and first go out and get something to eat. The plan was to eat and then come back and sleep off our fatigue before finally heading out in the night to celebrate the true spirit of Bali.

Just as we walked outside the villas lane, we started moving towards the right as we were told that’s where the maximum restaurants will be found. We had just about walked for 1 km when we found the apt place for a meal.The restaurantwas called Sambal Shrimp and and had a big sign of a shrimp out on the main door. And since all three of us are big time prawn lovers, it seemed to be like a sign from the up above, telling us not to look further and just to get in.

So, we did just that.

In flat minutes we had ordered our food because we couldn’t wait to get some in our empty stomachs and then just sat back and enjoyed the ambience.

We had ordered prawns, prawns and some more prawns in different avatars and it all looked amazing as soon as it arrived. Nasi Goreng was something else that we had ordered since it was a typical Indonesian dish. Basically, it is fried rice in the local flavours and I must say that we all loved it. It went brilliantly with our butter garlic prawns, prawn spaghetti and prawn in black bean sauce.

Finally, we were done with our meal and since it was mid-day, it was super hot and we thought it was best to head back to our villa for a siesta and to venture out again only in the evening.

The originally planned one hour nap turned into a 3 hour nap and when we got up it was already dark outside. But at least we were fresh and fully recovered from the journey and ready to paint the town red.

Today was the night we were planning to the hen party and so me and my other friend (not the bride to be obviously), quickly set up our sitting area and decorated it within an hour.

By 9 PM the games, the dancing and the drinking started, and we were all in high spirits by 10.30 PM when we decided to head out and explore the night life a bit. Our plan was to go to Kuta street as that is where we had read the maximum bars and clubs were.

So, we hailed a cab, which by the way is easily available on roads however in order to avoid getting cheated in terms of fare, it is best to order on app.

It took us around 20 mins to reach Kuta, but because of the traffic being so much in the last leg, we decided to get down and start walking. Which was a good decision, as we reached the bar street within 10 minutes itself.

By now it was almost 11.30 PM and we realised that this was the apt time to come to Kuta as the street seems to pick up only by midnight and then is alive till the early hours of the morning.

We ended up bar hopping and within the next 2 hours had managed to go to every single bar at least once.

What a great night that was, and to think of it; it was just the beginning of the trip. We decided to call it a night (or morning actually) by 3 am and headed back to our villa to sleep off the fun and to recharge ourselves for the next day in this fab city.

The next day started at around 10 am with the fragnance of breakfast being cooked by our villa cook in our open kitchen. Imagine waking up to coffee and eggs with toast and fruits; and enjoying all of it next to our own private villa while playing amazing morning songs on our music system. Pure bliss….

We had booked 2 bikes for the day as we had planned to go to visit Bali’s famous temple i.e. Tanah Lot.

The temple is located in the Beraban village of the Tabanan regency, an approximate 20km northwest of Kuta and it takes around 1 hour plus to reach from Seminiyak to Tanah Lot.

Thankfully, the weather was amazing with slight drizzle and hence the bike journey was extremely pleasurable. Turned out that one of my gal friend who claimed to know how to ride a bike- was faffing…She couldn’t balance the scooty without her feet on ground. End result- We took only one bike which I rode all the way and the other two decided to take a cab till our destination. ?

We reached Tanah Lot around lunch time and as usual food takes priority over anything else. ?

We paid the entrance ticket fee for the temple and went inside in search of some food shacks. We soon found one and settled down for lunch. We had so liked Nasi Goreng from our last lunch that we decided to order it again, along with the other dishes.

While Thai food is my favourite, but Indonesian cuisine is pretty good as well. The spices and the flavour was quite close to a mix of Thai and Indian food.

After the meal, we headed towards the temple on the way to which there were many memento shops where we whiled away some time and picked up few items as well. These are typical items of clothing, jewellery etc which you will find in the main Bali town as well and probably at a much more reasonable price.

I recommend anyone planning to visit Tanah Lot, to come before 5 PM i.e. before the sun sets. The view of the temple at the sun set is mind blowing and is the main reason why tourist visit.  The temple magically submerges into the water as the sun sets and it is a view to watch for sure.

We must have clicked a dozen photos there capturing the beauty of our surroundings but well a photo can never do justice to the real memory for sure.

We then headed uphill where there were more shops and also a coffee shop called Kopi Luwak. Luwak is an animal and the reason this café was named after the animal was because the coffee includes part-digested coffee cherries eaten and defecated by the Asian animal called Luwak or Civet. So basically, we decided to have coffee made out of the shit of an animal. Yummmm….

We enjoyed the sun set from the high vantage point of the café while enjoying our shitty-coffee(it was actually pretty good). It was almost 6 in the evening by now and we decided to head back to our villa for freshening up before heading out again in the evening.

One lesson that we had learnt from yesterdays experience was that we wold definitely feel hungry late at night after our night out and at that time it would be impossible to find something to eat. And so, we decided to buy two large pizzas and store it for the night hunger pangs. This by the way turned out to be the best decision of the trip and we ended up doing this for the last night as well.

Today, we had planned to do some chilled lounge scenes instead of clubbing it out, and decided to go after freshening up to one of Bali’s most famous lounge called Kue De Ta.

I had heard a lot of people talk about it after they had been back from Bali and so it was a must do in our list as well.

Kue De Ta has several restaurants serving different kind of cuisines and thus everyone has an option to choose what they want to eat. By the time we reached here it was almost 9 PM, and we decided to enjoy some drinks before having a good hearty dinner at one of the many dining places here.

The pool side is the perfect place to sip some cocktails, enjoy the breeze, the light music and most importantly- is perfect for a great photograph session. Trust me when I say that we did ALL of the above with full dedication and passion 🙂

By now it had started drizzling a bit, and we decided to dash indoors before we got drenched. Oh yes, it was rainy season in Bali and we did get caught twice or thrice in the rains; but we definitely didn’t mind it at all.

We mutually decided to go for the local Indonesian cuisine and ordered the nasi goreing, seared fish and giant prawns. With the three of us, it was never a surprise of what we would end up ordering. Because more often than not, it was always SEAFOOD and that too PRAWNS.

After a good meal, we decided to hop off to another place now that the rains had stopped.

By now we had already forgotten that we had decided earlier today that we won’t go clubbing and instead go easy. Because as soon as we got out of Kue De Ta, we headed straight to Club Mirror, one of the most popular night clubs of locals in Bali.

It was 11 by now and the nightlife was just picking up. When we entered Mirror, we knew why it was called what it was called. The interiors were all mirrored, and with the low dim red lights, the club had a dizzying effect immediately.

We were still too early for Bali standards and thus it took another hour for the club to completely fill up. Though the music was nice, but I thought the club was hyped a way too much. I had been to better club scenes and hence wasn’t impressed much. Or maybe, it was just today it happened to be a drab.

Nevertheless, we danced our bit and decided to head out back to our villa for some night swimming in our private pool, with good music and drinks and of course the PIZZAAAA…..I think the pizza in our villa fridge was half the reason why we all were so keen to head back by this point. Lol.

The rest of the remaining night was super fun as we just got time for ourselves and just catch up with no distractions.

We ended up going to bed around 4 or 5 in the morning, and it was kind of assumed by all of us that we would wake up at our own sweet time and won’t rush it.

Considering we all actually woke up only by noon the next day, we decided not to travel out too far and instead just to go roam around the Seminyak streets for some window shopping followed by lunch in the main market and then finally to head to the Double Six Beach which was not too far off as well.

We were ready and out on the road by 1 PM, and were well prepared to get absolutely fried in the burning, scorching sun today. It seemed like we had cribbed about rains a bit more than usual the day before, and so the weather god was like- Okay then folks, Let there be SUN(read as a mass of red hot ball)…

The window shopping turned to actual shopping as the inexpensive yet trendy items on display were too hard to say no to. And especially since we had yummy Bubble Tea to keep us cool, we decided to keep going till our hunger pangs started acting up.

Around 2.30 PM we came across a very nice looking restaurant. We had enjoyed yesterday’s dinner so much, that we all knew that we wanted to have Indonesian cuisine again. This place looked perfect and thankfully the AC was super effective. It was a perfect break for us to cool down and rest our feet.

We ordered a good hearty meal (all of us do not believe in saving bucks on food. We are big time foodies) and sat back to enjoy our minty lemonades, good music and great conversation. It’s amazing how the conversation never stops when all three of us are together. There is always something or someone to discuss 🙂

After a good 1 and a half hour break, we decided it was time to make a move to the beach. By this time, a good foot massage, some pina coladas and a beach bed to nap on was all that I was craving for.

We took a cab till the Double Six Beach, which was just around 20minutes drive (depending on the traffic). While Bali might be small, but the traffic on the narrow lanes were quite a pain at times. Thus one could never be sure of the exact time we would reach a particular destination.

Once at the beach, we looked around and decided that we liked it. It wasn’t too crowded, wasn’t dirty, thankfully wasn’t that hot now and best part was the breeze. We started walking along the shore till the time we came across some ideally placed beach beds. We soon found the perfect match and decided to park our behinds till the time the sun set and it started getting dark. Today was going to be a total relaxed day, with the evening scene being heavy (we had plans to have a long night today which was going to be a mix of ‘heavy’ dancing and ‘not so light’ drinking..)

Bali beaches just like the Indian beaches, has a lot of beach hawkers. While it can get really irritating at times since they keep bothering you to buy this or buy that, however I had the perfect solution.

I spoke with one of the foot massagers to give me a one hour massage, but the only condition I had was that she would ensure that during this one hour, while I slept; she would ensure that not a single hawker woke me up or disturbed me in any way. It worked. The lady did a brilliant job of shooing ‘the Others’ (Yes, I have been watching a lot of LOST recently), and I had the best one hour nap that I could have had.

Now that we were kind of fresh again, we were ready to go dip in the water, swim around and do some beach shopping. I actually got some amazing paintings there and that too at super cheap price. Looking back now, I wish I had bought more. Each of us all got a fake tattoo made. It’s these little silly things which makes a vacation fun and memorable.

Sipping our drinks, we sat back to say goodbye to the Bali sun. The realisation that today was our last day in Bali suddenly hit us and we were sad momentarily to realise that by tomorrow this time, we will be on a flight back home. But then we snapped back to reality and decided to enjoy the time we had left rather than thinking about tomorrow.

We wrapped up with a final photo session on the beach and headed back to our villa to change and get ready for the evening. This time our cab took almost 1 hour to reach back because of the crazy, mad traffic. As I said before, one can never predict the time it will take to cover a particular distance here in Bali.

It was just around 7 and so we decided to pack our bags as tomorrow we had to catch a flight at 11 am, and since we were planning to have a late night, we knew we wouldn’t be able to wake up well in time to pack everything properly.

It was a great decision and this we realised the next day, when we just barely managed to wake up at the last possible moment to make it in time for our flight.

Anyways, back to today- we were all packed, bathed, dressed up and dolled up to paint the town red. Our plan was to start at Kuta and head straight to Sky Garden and then later in the night go to La Favela, one of the most popular nightclubs amongst tourists.

Sky Garden is a multilevel club and probably everyone in Bali knows how to reach there. The best part for a gang of girls is that the entry for girls is free till 11.30 PM, post which there is an entrance charge.

We reached around 11 PM and were ushered inside. We took our time exploring the 4 floors and ended up finally at the roof top which was definitely my favourite part about Sky. The music as just my kinds, the breeze was lovely and the crowd was good too. We had a great time grooving to the music for almost 2 hours. Time actually flew since we didn’t even realise in all the madness that it was almost 1 in the morning. But the party wasn’t even close to being over for us..In fact we had just warmed up….

After saying goodbye to Sky Garden, we headed straight to La Favela. The best part about La Favela was that it was just a 5 min walk from our villa and thus we knew we could walk out and leave and be home any time of the night we wanted.

Once we had reached La Favela, we saw the long queue of tourists (mainly Australians) standing outside the club, waiting to get inside. Perks of being an all-girl gang was that we didn’t have to wait in any queue. We could walk right in like queens.

The place was bustling even though it was a spacious and a well spread out area. We squeezed to find ‘our spot’ and then literally were stuck to that spot dancing away for the next hour or so. We in fact at one point of time became so possessive about ‘our spot’, because of the direct AC went on our faces being a relief in this hot weather; that we started elbowing people who got too close to our spot. We were taking turns to go to the bathroom, in the fear that we would return to find our spot ‘taken’. I know, I sound crazy now, but mind you, at that point it was the most important thing that we wanted to achieve in our life. We were protecting our home from infiltrators.

We finally headed back home around 3 in the morning and as I had mentioned earlier, the villa was right there. Our beds were welcoming us with open arms and we gladly accepted the warmth and dozed off immediately only to wake up in the morning to the insistent door bell ringing of our driver trying to get us to leave for the airport.

We did thankfully manage to catch our flights in time and once up in the air, we looked down one last time to Bali and smiled with the amazing memories we had made here in the last three days.

Keep reading to find out where I travel next as trust me I will be out again very soon 🙂

Till then,

Hasta Luego!

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