In the itinerary for my backpacking trip,I had decided that I would try different hostels in different cities. I wanted to check the flavor and the environment of each so that at the end of my trip I could decide which was my favourite of the lot. So for Lima, I picked to stay at the Pariwana Hostel.

Pariwana Reception area
Since my bus to Lima was an overnight one, I reached Lima in the morning around 9.30 am, and was at the hostel by 10. Like most hostels or hotels I was hoping that I would be checked in early in case there were vacant rooms. What I realised when I enquired at the front desk was that the hostel followed strict check-in policies and I could not be checked in till 1 pm. But I was free to use all the facilities of the hostel, including going and having the breakfast which was free for guests staying in the hostel. So I did just that.
Though I was dying for a long hot shower and could have used the common bathrooms for the same, but I decided to wait till my room was ready. Till then, I made the best of the surprisingly good wifi facility and made calls back home as well as worked in updating my blog website.
There were a number of people who were playing ping pong, some were reading out on the terrace deck, some were having breakfast etc. I dint realise how time passed and at exactly 1 I was back at the reception to check if my room was ready. It really seemed to be my unlucky day, since the hostel was having fumigation done in all the rooms and hence they could not be accessed for another hour.
Dorm Room and view from hostel.
Sighh. I had no option but to wait. Finally at around 2 pm I was shown to my dorm and immediately I forgot all my disappointment. The rooms were amazing. They were so clean and unlike most of the hostels, Pariwana provided towels and a soap as well to the guests.There were separate lockers for each person in the dorm and the same were big enough to keep the backpack as well. Plus the bathroom was huge with two shower areas. The best part was that there was hot-hot water all through the day which was not the case in my previous hostel in Trujillo. After a shower I got in bed to catch some sleep and fell asleep immediately. The beds were amazingly soft and cozy and I simply loved it.
After having had a quick nap, I went for a walk in the neighbourhood, had some dinner and was then back in the hostel. I headed up to the terrace which was a common lounge and realised that there were salsa classes that were organised for the guests. I decided to join in and had great fun. There were all kinds of dancers in the group. Some great ones, some not so great(am in this category) and some really not interested in what was being taught and instead we’re doing their own thing.
Game of Beer Pong in action.
With the classes coming to an end, I bought some dinner from the in-house food corner and headed out to see some people enjoy a game of beer pong(a common classic game played in every party hostel). It was amazing fun to watch the crazy game and the even crazier people playing it. But after an hour, I started feeling super sleepy and decided to call it a night. The  great part about my dorm was that it was on a floor lower to the party floor and hence with ear plugs on I could barely hear the noise and slept like a baby.
Next morning in the hostel was even better as I had two new dorm mates and these girls were super nice. We all got on well from the beginning and hung out all day doing all types of touristy things out in the city. We came back directly in the evening and as usual the atmosphere in the hostel was super energetic. Though we were tired from our day out, but we instantly forgot about it as soon as we stepped in Pariwana. We decided to try the very famous Pisco Sour from the hostel bar and instantly liked it.
Food Corner and Bar Area
We spent a chunk of our time playing one of my favourite games called ‘Foosball‘ and made a number of friends who came and joined us to play as well.As the evening proceeded on, more people came in the common area and then started a game called ‘Flip the Cup‘. This was the first time I was playing it and it was super fun.
Next morning when I had to say goodbye to the hostel to move on to the next city, I was actually feeling pretty sad. I had made some great friends here and had a great time, and it upset me to leave all of it.

But I am sure that there will be more such memories which I will make in the next few hostels that I stay in. But for now, it’s goodbye to Pariwana Hostel. You shall definitely be missed.To know more about Pariwana check out their website link-

Other staying options can be checked out from the link below-
Hope you enjoyed reading my review. Do keep reading for more updates and reviews on the hostels of Peru.
Till then,
Hasta Luego!
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