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Address: Luis Cordero E2-19, Quito, Ecuador

Hotel Posada Tambuca is till date one of the best choices of stay I have made till date based on the reviews and research I usually always do. A reasonable yet comfortable place located perfectly close to all the best spots in Quito, yet away from the loud noises.

Not only was the location perfect, but the hosts were even more perfect. A married couple(Yolanda and Carlos), their son( Carlos Jr) and their very furry cat made us feel right at home as soon as we entered the place.

Very aptly it is written in many places on the walls of the house “HOME AWAY FROM HOME”.

I had read in reviews of this hotel about their wonderful hospitality, but I was still very pleasantly surprised with their eagerness to help in whatever way they could.

The rooms are small and not all have an attached bathroom, but surprisingly for the finicky person that I usually am; this time I had no problems at all.

Reason being: the rooms were very clean, with freshly washed bed sheets and brightly lit walls. The bathrooms were spotless even though they were shared and were cleaned more than thrice in a day. The living room was cosy, warm with an amazing collection of books and magazines. And the favourite part of my stay was – The Kitchen.

It reminded me of the warm, cosy kitchens I used to read about in Enid Blyton books; when I was a little girl. The kitchen was an open kitchen, with two benches and
chairs next to it, where after the guests made whatever they felt like having(tea, coffee, sandwiches, shakes etc), could sit and chat with the other guests and get to know them better.I simply loved the concept.

It made one feel instantly ‘at home‘. In short, I couldn’t be more happier with the choice of stay ;).

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