The ferry ride from Athens to Mykonos was very comfortable, smooth and exciting. The ferry on-boarding while initially had looked like a challenge, considering there were thousands of people walking towards the big ship, was actually pretty smooth. At one point, I remember I heard someone behind me say, “Mom, it looks like we are all Noah’s animals walking towards the Ark to save ourselves from the greater doom.” Wow, brilliant imagination kid.

But surprisingly, as soon as were on the ship, we were quickly directed to where we had to leave our luggage (no tags or security needed), and move towards the stairs which would take us up to the sitting area.

The seats were numbered and so it was very easy to find our seats and settle down. The seat space was adequate enough to stretch our legs and not feel cramped.

It hadn’t even been 10 mins since the time we had got to our seats when we realised that the ferry was already on a move. Super-fast it was actually proving to be.

The Sea Jets ferry was well equipped with a café as well and though it didn’t have a huge deck area, there was still one where we could go and admire the clean, blue water and landscape.

Our two and a half hours went by very comfortably and soon we found ourselves getting off the Mykonos port. Yipee….we were here..

As I had mentioned earlier that our friends were already in Mykonos, we coordinated with them on how to reach our villa, hailed a cab and headed straight there.

Get this- While Mykonos is a party island bustling with tourists, yet the island apparently had not more than 20 taxis in all. And thus because of the scarcity, one usually ended up paying a bomb even for a short ride.

It is usually suggested that tourists should rent a car in almost all the Greek Islands, however since Mykonos roads are narrow with a lot of hilly landscape, it is usually not very safe especially at night.

So while my friends had rented a car, what they also had done was get pal-y with a local who had driven them the first day from the port to the villa, and had convinced him to be our private night driver so that we could party and drink in peace. Don’t I have really smart friends 🙂

It was already 6 in the evening by the time we reached our villa, and as soon as we got off the cab; we were left with our mouth wide open. Oh my god…what a view. And to think of the fact that our villa was right on the top with the wide sea in front and open breeze all around us for the next two days.

This villa was by far the most beautiful property I have ever stayed in.

It took me around 5 minutes to zap myself out of the view, and then finally rushed to meet my excited friends waving at us while sitting out on the porch, sipping wine and listening to mood-apt music. This was heaven for me right here and now.


The rest of the evening went by catching up on each other’s lives, pulling legs and just being in-the-moment.

It was 10 PM, by the time we finally got ready and boarded our waiting chariot (our local cab friend remember). The plan was to get dropped in main Mykonos town and then to walk around till the time we reached the area where all the nightclubs were located. Our local friend had taken several names and we knew we would have a lot of choice once we reached the happening part of the town.

Mykonos Town was just around 15 mins drive from our villa, and once we got off, we started walking in the direction in which the crowd was going.

Mykonos is a clean, white town and the cure little lanes hosting small boutiques was a pleasure to explore. Every nook looked similar but yet was so different. It was turning out to be a great holiday and we knew that there was so much more to explore and experience still.

We decided to grab some burgers, pizzas and sandwiches before heading to a bar. It was still too early and the night was still young. The best part about being with friends is that there is always so much to talk and discuss.And cherry on top of the cake was that all of us had frequencies matching. All enjoyed similar things and thus the whole trip actually went by very smoothly without anyone burning out from exhaustion.

After our evening junk food binging, we went in search of good music and great vibes. The place for this was Little Venice. This is in the heart of the Mykonos Town and is the hub for the city nightlife. There are several clubs here and one can hop from one to another with ease.

We started at a place called Caprice where the amazingly hot usher lady convinced us to come inside and have some drinks. The music was actually pretty good and we (by we I mean especially the boys) didn’t have the heart to say no to the beauty at the door and so we headed straight in. It was actually quite nice and we ended up getting some free shots at the bar also.

Now that the evening had started with a bang, we decided to try some other places with the promise of coming back here again by the end of the night. Next we headed to Semeli, then Veranda Bar and then Lola bar and so on…By the time we came back to Caprice it was already the next day and we still ended up staying for 30 minutes more.

By 4 we decided it was time we get back and somehow managed to contact our cab friend and got him to take us all back home.

What an amazing Day 1 in Mykonos. Party Island was definitely living up to the expectation.

Day 2 was straight out of a movie. The view from our beds is etched in my mind. Draw the curtains and all you can see is blue, blue and more blue. The vast sea out in front, blanketed by the bluer skies with pecks of clouds here and there was something I couldn’t get enough of.

The Airbnb was a duplex, and we were on the top floor, and after getting my heart-full of the view, I went downstairs to chill with my friends. We laughed about the funny things we had done in our drunken state last night, and had our brekkie next to the pool. Mind you, we did manage 20 minutes of group work out session also before the breakfast, as we felt a little too guilty of last nights binging.

Oo..oo..I forgot to tell you the best part(especially for my gal friends reading this blog). So when after a light brekkie, we decided to go to the pool, which by the way was a shared pool between 3 villas; we realised we were not alone as a group with the swimming plans. There were around 7 male models who joined our group as well. And by male models, I mean international swim wear kinda models. I swear I am not making it up. Us two girls and so many men(obviously counting our group guys also, who by the way were sulking to the fact that there were no female models to accompany the male models). Lol.

Anyways, the pool wasn’t big enough for so many people and so after a while we headed back to our villas and decided to take our rented car for a spin and go explore the island. The roads as I had mentioned earlier are very twisty and turny and so one has to be an expert driver to be able to maneuver.

Mykonos actually is a pretty big island. The island spans an area of 85.5 square kilometres (33.0 sq mi) and rises to an elevation of 341 metres (1,119 feet) at its highest point. Thus for one to properly explore it, you need at least a full day if not more. Unfortunately we didn’t have that kind of time and so just kept driving along till it was almost sunset.

It was a lazy day and we had done things at a eased out pace and had enjoyed the drive, the greek food we had stopped for and of course the fantastic sun set view.

Now it was time to head back to the villa for a glass or two of wine before we hit the town again. Today we had planned to go to the Paradise Island, which was supposed to be a very popular night spot.

It was only later once we had already reached there, that we realised that they also had great sun downer parties. So practically the people on that part of the island were drunk from 3 PM till 3 AM.

We obviously as a group joked that we were oldies, who needed to take a day’s break before heading out to drink and party again. In fact if you haven’t noticed by now, you should do it now. After every heavy night, we would be taking it slow the whole of next day to recover for the night. But you know what, I was glad we were all alike in this matter. A decade back, I could have probably managed to drink in the morning after a heavy night, but no ways can I do that now. Nopes…

We were back in villa, managed to even take a nap for an hour (don’t you dare judge us), and were out again by 9 PM. We took our car and parked it in the town with the plan of going and collecting it only the next day.

We walked up to the bus station near the car parking lot, and enquired about the buses which go to paradise club regularly. We were told to head to the Fabrika bus stop where a bus leaves for Paradise club every half an hour right from 7.15 AM till 12.15 AM. We managed to get on the 9.30 PM bus and while we were seated we overhead people talking about another party place called Super Paradise. This place is also known for parties but is more popular amongst the gay community. Overall, Paradise is supposed to be much better for the party scene and is also way more easily approachable than Super Paradise.

The bus ride took us around 20 minutes to reach where we realised that the place is actually quite huge. It expands to almost 5 kms or probably more. The club is besides the beach and apart from the Paradise Club, there are few more clubs in the same area but most of them open only post 12 in the night.

Once we entered the beach club, we saw few people smashed from the earlier sun downer party and while for us the party hadn’t even started, they were close to being done(though most of them were dancing as if they wouldn’t give up till their last breath). The music was my kind and my feet started moving as soon as I heard the beats.

Heads-up, the crowd in Paradise is usually very young i.e. early 20’s and so in case you are a little older (like we were), you might not be too enthused seeing the crowd. But since we were in a group, the crowd really didn’t matter and we had a great time amongst ourselves. There are great many options to eat in that area as well and hence you won’t go hungry.

The party picks up somewhere around 1 am, and after that the beach gets full of crazy dancers, moon-walkers, duck-walkers and johnny-walkers (bad joke, I know).


By the end of the night, I only remember that we had a kick-ass time, made a lot of new friends(whose names we didn’t remember by the next morning), and at some point of the night, I apparently even had gotten my face painted, coz when I woke up- it was right there staring at me through the mirror.

Next afternoon we had our ferry to the next destination that was Paros and we were so glad we hadn’t booked morning ferry as no ways we would have gotten up on time to catch it.

Mykonos had been amazing to us and definitely didn’t leave us disappointed.

Though while leaving the island the next day, we thought Mykonos was going to be the best part of our trip, but we were wrong. There was so much more in store for us. Keep reading to know what I am talking about 🙂

Till then,

Hasta Luego!


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