BTW, the owner looks exactly
like the man on the Menu card 🙂

Restaurant       : Benvenuti Da Mauro
Address             : Av. Las Monjas # 214 entre calla 1a y calle 2a (Urdesa),Guayaquil, Ecuador           

What’s Special?: The ambiance and service and their Yum and Reasonable Pizza’s

One day in the middle of the week, I refused to cook dinner(Brat Alert!!!). I was too tired(or pretended to be) after my workout in the gym and convinced my better half to go out for dinner. In exchange, I told him he gets to choose what kind of food we should eat. Trust me, this is BIG. I  have food cravings and usually always get to pick the kind of food we would eat.

But today, I was the bigger person and let him choose. Heart in heart, I knew why I was letting him do that. I knew his default choice, and that was exactly the kind of food I wanted to eat that night. Smart right?? 🙂

And so, Pizzas it was. We decided that instead of going to the Pizza hut’s, Domino’s or Papa John’s of the world; we would try something different. Tripadvisor again came to my rescue when it suggested an Italian restaurant in our neighborhood which up till now we hadn’t even noticed. This restaurant was called-  Benvenuti Da Mauro.

Glancing at the interiors through the glass window and seeing the huge space the restaurant occupied; we were prepared that this was going to be one expensive meal. But since we had spent time in researching and the fact that we were already half way inside the restaurant, we decided to give it a try.My first impression as soon as I stepped into the lobby was WOW.

The decor of the place was beautiful. Very different from most of the restaurants that I have been to in Guayaquil. The walls were covered artistically with empty bottles of wine, there were beautiful pieces of decoration made from dried out pieces of Macaroni, Pasta and Fettuccine; and right next to the entrance of the hotel into the sitting area, was a partition where one could see the chef busy putting freshly made pizza’s into a big stone oven.

The lighting of the restaurant was perfect, not too bright and not too dull. There was light music in the background and the tables were perfectly laid with matching table cloths on all the tables. I loved the place from the moment I stepped in.

Not only was the ambiance amazing, but the staff seemed to be very warm and inviting. They had smiles on their faces and had an eagerness to help us pick what we wanted to eat. In fact at the time of placing the order, the owner himself came to take down our order and also suggested the name of one of the best pizza they had to to offer.

The best surprise for us, was when we saw the prices against the dishes on the menu. Especially against the pizza’s listed. They were very reasonable(USD 12 avg for a pizza). For the kind of service and the ambiance they were providing in the restaurant, they could have easily charged double the price, and yet the owners had decided not to do so.

Now, I was literally forced to do my HAPPY DANCE.(If you are happy and you know it, Clap your hands…thud thud thud).

 This is what we ended up ordering:


-Glass of red wine.
-(The restaurant gives complimentary bread basket which comes with a delightful dip which is a mix of Mayonnaise, ketchup and a hidden ingredient which we were left guessing. The basket is a good appetizer and thus we did not order any starters).
3)Main Course:
-Pizza Romana( Ham, cheese, mushrooms, salami and any other ingredient as per your requirement).
-Fettuccine Alfredo.

-Tiramisu(Ask for the desert of the day from your waiter).

That was one amazing meal and we have decided to come here whenever the Italian craving hits us. The restaurant ensures that the customer goes back happy. Another great thing about this place was that once you have paid the bill, the waiter will escort you till the door and on the way out, every waiter as well as the owner will thank you for choosing their restaurant.
True feel good factor :).

FACTORS                 SCORE(Out of 10)
Ambiance  9
Food  8
Service  10
Value for Money  9
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2)Hope the blog was useful.
Keep reading my blogs for more reviews on the food I have relished in the other restaurants I have been to.Till then
Hasta Luego!
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