By this time of our trip, ferry rides had become the common mode of travel for us. Not only was it the easiest way to access islands, but it was also super comfortable. The ferry services in Greece are top class and one of the best ferries that I have ever travelled in for sure.

Anyways, so the journey from Paros to Santorini took us around 2.30 hours and since the ferry had so much to do including a huge KFC joint, we whiled away our time easily.

Once we had reached Santorini port, we got out with our luggage and looked around for someone carrying a sign board with our names.

We had booked a car online for the two days in Santorini, and the company was sending someone with the car at the port for us to collect. With the services being top notch as they were in all Greek islands, we did not have a problem finding our guy, and very soon post doing all the paperwork- we were off to our hotel in our very cute Volkswagen hatchback.

GPS is definitely a savior in such situations where we have no idea of the place or the roads or for that matter; about anything. Moreover, the roads were very narrow and steep up from the port and so we were all literally at the edge of our seats throughout the 40 minutes journey to our hotel.

With a sigh of relief, we found ourselves at the gates of Villa Manos, which was going to be home for us for the next two days.

Unlike the rest of the islands, we had not managed to get a good AirBnb near the main Santorini town(Fira) area and hence had opted for a boutique hotel where we had booked three rooms. The hotel was quite small but extremely comfortable and had a nice little pool with a bar attached to it as well. Great way to beat the crazy Greek summer heat.

It took us a while to get our rooms as there was some confusions at the reception about our bookings, but we finally got it all resolved. To top it off, we each got a bottle of local Greek wines as a gesture of apology for the delay by the owner of the hotel. Alcohol resolves all fights, said no one, but believed by everyone. 🙂

Once we had got our luggage moved into our respective rooms, we all decided to head off straight away to Oia which is world renown for the best sunset views. By the way, I still find it a little silly to go watch sunsets, as I feel that sun literally looks the same setting from every place which gives us a height to watch it go down. Nevertheless, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. So, off we all went to Oia which was a half hour journey by road.

Once in Oia, we recognized the white and blue houses which we had all seen a number of times in several Hollywood movies. This was that one place in Greece, where everyone DEFINITELY came at least once. And so, here we were as well.

Car parking was a little tedious, but once done we walked inside the village where there seemed to be a whole mass of tourists all walking around looking at the shops, eating greek salads and sipping their bubblies while waiting for the sun to set.

Since there was a good one hour to go for the sunset, we decided to walk around a bit and explore the Oia village and simultaneously look for a good spot to see the sky change its colors.

I loved the Oia vibe. Even thou it was super hot, yet the white and the blue colors all around was so eye appeasing. A lot of women were dressed in beautiful white gowns and that just added to the ambience.

After an hour, we found ourselves sitting in a restaurant, facing the sea, sipping mimosas and apple cider and taking it all in.

Great company with the best ambience ever. Oia- I LOVE YOU

Soon we had had our share of sun set watching, we decided to head back to our hotel. We wanted to rest a bit as tonight being a weekend, we had all the plans to party it all out. Plus like good ‘old’ people, we had ensured we party every alternate day so as to ensure our aging bodies survive the booze overdose in order to be functional the next day :).

Once we reached the hotel, we bumped into the owner who asked us our plans for tomorrow were. Since we didn’t have any, she suggested we book a yacht tour which would take us all around the Santorini island to some of the best spots and the lunch and drinks were all inclusive in the package. Considering we were almost at the last leg of our 10-day saga and we wanted to make the most of every remaining moment, and hence all mutually agreed to book our spots for the yacht trip. The organizers would pick us up tomorrow around 10 am from our hotel and the whole thing would be almost 4-5 hours long which would be perfect.

We still had an hour before we were going to head into the town and so we all decided to go dip into the pool for a bit and sip some cocktails. We made some new friends who gave us some good suggestions on where we should head for a night of crazy fun. Thankfully, our hotel provided free drops to the main Santorini market and hence at 9, we were all dressed and seated, ready for what we didn’t know would turn out to be the BEST, CRAZIEST and the MOST FUN nights of the whole trip.

Unlike what I had read online about Santorini being mediocre in the night life scene, I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t true. There is a whole street which is full of bars and one can just keep bar hopping the whole night, till the wee hours which is when the clubs which are also in the same area, open up for the crowd. Basically there is no stopping the party mode when in Santorini.

After steeping into the first place called Two Brothers Bar which was having happy hour, I basically have no recollection of how many bars we ended up going in total. I do remember visiting many and also remember that all of us had made several new friends and also had become pally with all the bar bouncers, since apparently we were taking circles and entering the same bars again and again. We obviously by now had figured out our favorite bar with the best music and the best vibe and so ended up most of the night there. Please do not ask me to remember the name of that ‘fav bar’ of ours coz I am literally BLANK.

I also remember that at the end, we all head to the Koo Club where we made friends with the DJ, who even played some nice Punjabi numbers for us to groove on.

What a night I tell you. Just Perfect.

Obviously the next morning wasn’t that perfect for all of us, considering we did in fact had a lot to drink, however the best part was that today our agenda was to take it easy and just enjoy our private Yacht..Yesss..

We were sailing with a company called Santorini View and the private yacht tour included a visit to the Red and White beach, volcanic beaches, a hot spring and along with all this there was BBQ special meal and drinks as well. Sounds perfect right? Well, it was perfect.

We couldn’t have asked for a better ending to this amazing summer vacation. Not only did we have the perfect company, but we had the perfect country to make this experience so special to us.

The rest of the evening after the tour was spent lazing around the Fira area. We all had some great food, and some local wine and called it a night by 11 pm since we had early morning flights to catch back to Athens and then after a 4 hour halt, back to India.

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog, as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Stay tuned as I pen down more of my travel experiences.

Till then,
Hasta Luego!

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