Restaurant       : Sher-e-Punjab
Address             : La Pinta y Juan León Mera, esquina, Juan León Mera, Quito, Ecuador                

What’s Special?: Old Indian Movie songs in the background, Spicy food, Butter chicken

If you happen to be in Quito and you have a realisation that you are starving and there is no way out but to feed the hungry dogs barking endlessly in the big hollow pit(some people prefer to call it a Stomach), I say that there is only one perfect place to go.

I had heard about this amazing Indian restaurant(the only Indian restaurant in Ecuador worth calling a proper ‘DESI ‘ one),called Sher-e-Punjab,and we had been told that the food was great. Specially if you like spicy food, this is the place to go.

Authentic Indian platters served to make your taste buds drool. So,we decided to try this famous place and have a hearty lunch there. Super excited we reached and ordered a whole lot of food which included:

1) Starter:
– Chicken Tikka Mughlai- 6 pcs (Pieces of tender boneless chicken marinated in a blend of dry, Indian Spices and yogurt. Cooked in charcoal tandoor. Served with mint chutney and fresh salad.)

-Samosas-2 pcs(Traditional Indian starter. Patty  shells filled with potatoes, vegetables and spices. Fried in pan served with tamarind chutney.)

2) Main Course:
– Daal Makhani (Lentils seasoned in butter, onions, tomatoes, aromatic spices and herbs.)

– Chicken Kadhai(Boneless chicken with sauteed vegetables and curry. Level of Spiciness can be told to the waiter at the time of ordering). Accompanied usually by rice or 2 plain Naans.

– 2 extra butter garlic Naans.(Type of an Indian bread)

3) Desert 
Gulab Jamun(Indian specialty) – 2 pcs.

FACTORS                 SCORE(Out of 10)
Ambiance    7
Food   8
Service  8
Value for Money  9

To know whats more on the menu check out the link:

We gorged on the food with equal if not more enthusiasm as at the time of ordering this much quantity of food.Not to mention, chatting away with the owner and waiters in your own country’s language has it’s own charm all together. All in all: Highly recommended.

Know more from their Website           :

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Hasta Luego!

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