“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

This is one of those lines that I have connected with right from my childhood.And with each passing year, I keep realising that it is the ‘play’ which keeps the ‘work’ going for me everyday.
In short, the reason that I work is so that I get to keep putting the money in the pocket, thus allowing me to spend that same money on things that I enjoy a.k.a ON TRAVEL.

This time around, the gods were super kind to me. I was getting a paid vacation and that too, to attend one of the country’s best EDM fest called SUNBURN. Sunburn is an yearly event which takes place around Chirstmas, every year.
If music was not enough to get you all excited to attend, then the location of the event surely will. My favorite vacation place in India i.e. Goa hosts Sunburn every year.

GOA..sigh..The name also gets me all dreamy, and lazy and I start imagining the beautiful beaches, the clean sand(most of the time),the finger licking good seafood and the relaxed vibe.
So there I was, standing in the long queue that was boarding the plane to Goa; feeling the excitement seep deep through my soul. Couldn’t wait to set foot and feel the rush.

Three hours later after landing in Goa, I found myself again in a queue. Apparently there were so many flights that had landed to Goa, and that too with 100% occupancy; that one had to wait 40 min inside the flight and then 30 minutes in a queue to file out of the arrival gate.It seemed as if the whole country(and some neighbouring ones too) had decided to vacation in Goa and attend SUNBURN.Literally every third word I heard in the crowd was SUNBURN. Woahhh…This was going to be huge.

After waiting for another hour in the taxi line, I finally managed to get out of the airport and asked the taxi driver to speed up to Anjuna. This was where my stay had been booked in advance.
One suggestion to anyone planning to attend Sunburn in the coming years- Make your hotel reservations well in advance.
The reason being that the Sunburn week is the busiest week in Goa and all the places are fully booked and that too at exorbitant rates. Rooms which would on a normal day cost around 3000 INR, suddenly are quoted at nothing less than 10K. And if you are one of those people who doesn’t believe in pre booking, and in stead prefer looking for a place to stay after you have arrived- then be prepared to spend the night on the road or in a cow shed. Because that is all you will be able to manage during the peak season my friend ;).

After freshening up, I headed straight to the sunburn arena to take it all in. Though I was staying just 10 minutes away from the venue, yet the traffic was so bad that it took me 1 hour to reach.Another suggestion to the readers- Hire a bike. It is the best solution to avoid getting stuck for hours and hours on the jam packed roads.
Finally I reached the venue, and realised that this was the maximum crowd I had seen at any concert/gathering/event that I had attended.The ground was well spaced out and there was enough space to move around in spite of the huge crowd gathered.

Sunburn is organised by Percept India and this year was sponsored by global brands like Gionee and Renault.
The whole arena was divided into: 2 stage areas, a huge food court, other sponsor’s area and a fun activity zone(bungee jumping, rock climbing etc).I spent a lot of time exploring all these areas and really enjoyed taking in the energy flowing freely in the vicinity. People were having a gala time and enjoying the music and food.I spoke to few people and came to know that these guys have been coming every year(since the inception in 2007).This event is so addictive that after attending once, you would want to come back every year.
And considering that the line up of the international artists keeps improving year on year; the event just keeps getting better and better.This year the artists performing included Kygo, Martin Garrix, David Guetta etc. All my super duper favourites.
Considering it is a 4 day event, the passes can be either bought as a full access- all day pass(Costs around INR 12K i.e. appz USD 200) or you can also buy day wise passes. One day will cost appx 3K or USD 50.

You can read more about the event by clicking the below link:

After having such a fun time in Sunburn Goa, I will highly recommend that everyone must attend it at least once in their lifetime.This is one event that you will always want to come back to.

Keep tuned in for more updates on events I attend.

Till then,


Hasta Luego!

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