Restaurant : The Magic Bean
Address : Juan León Mera, Quito, Ecuador

What’s Special?: The ‘Chilled out’Ambiance, their book collection, free coffee if you order one the dishes on the Recommendations list, Pancakes, Grilled trout and the huge portion of Huevos Rancheros(Flour Tortillas smothered in Sautéed Onions, Green and Red Peppers, Refried Beans and a Special Sauce; covered with 2 Fried Eggs and topped with Cheese).

Word of Mouth-The best form of publicity for any kind of service. For me, I take decisions 70% by going on what I hear and 30% by my instincts. Specially when in a new place, with only few days at hand, I want to make sure that I get to see and do the best of what the place has to offer.

And hence, when it comes to choosing restaurants I am no different. I ask a lot of people for their suggestions and recommendations, I read a lot of online reviews, I take advice of my guru: Google Baba and then after all the research, I decide where I want to eat.

Similar steps were followed when we(my husband and I) were deciding where to have a late lunch after having gone for a the Old Town tour in Quito. I had heard about this restaurant called ‘The Magic Bean’ in La Mariscal and was convinced that I wanted to try it for myself.

So that very fine day, we found ourselves entering The Magic Bean restaurant. Even though it was almost 4 pm, the place was still quite active.There were people working on their laptops and sipping a cup of coffee( maybe writing similar blogs like this), people chatting away with their companions, a group of back packers sharing their stories and experiences of their day etc. In fact Magic Bean is a restaurant cum hostel and thus many people chilling in the patio near the bar were all residents of the hostel.

I loved the energy and zest in the air of this restaurant and immediately settled down to take it all in.The noisy little hunger monsters seemed to be playing rugby inside my stomach and I was forced to place my order as soon as I sat down. One look at the menu, and I had decided what I wanted.

Soon we placed the order and this was it:

– Passion Fruit Smoothie
– Banana Bam Bam Shake(Strawberry, Banana and Coconut)

– None(decided to skip to main course)

3)Main Course:
– Steamed Tilapia(Fish with spicy lemon sauce)
– Fruit Granola(With Fruit, Yogurt and Honey)

– Blackberry Pancakes(Sautéed with sugar and spices)


Ambiance   9
Food  8
Service  7
Value for Money  7

To know whats more on the menu check out the link:

Now, that is what you call a full course meal. Not only was I satisfied, it seemed that so were the hunger monsters who after such a hearty meal would not wake up till the next day for sure.While The Magic Bean might be a tad bit expensive as compared to the other places around this area, but I say TRY IT. You won’t regret it.
Know more from their Website :

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Till then
Hasta Luego!

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